Success through Communication and Positive Conflict Strategies
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for CEO’s, Managers, Leadership & Key Roles for companies who want to be #1
The Comprehensive Solution for Companies who need to be #1. Designed for CEO to Middle Management.
This is a Modular System that tailors to specific needs for the company. Designed for FAST results for Key Staff Roles.
This is also a Modular System that provides experiential, in depth training for practical application. Designed for Leadership.
This is tailored for the individual. One to One Training to ensure ultimate success. Designed for CEO’s, GM and Top Tier Managers.
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“Thank you so much Ilona. The PCM Key2Me seminar you ran for my team was inspiring, inclusive and has made a great difference to both our internal and external relationships. The insights we gained from understanding personal communication types and how stress impacts on behaviour has helped so much in growing meaningful and positive relationships within the business and with our clients. The team loved the workshop, reflect regularly on the action tips and are keen to get you back again for a refresher!”

Andrea Mortensen
Appetite Communications
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